These 3 Pinay Celebs Share Their Secrets to Staying Fabulously Hot at Forty

With summer just around the corner, the need to slim down for that toned bikini bod becomes even more important.

While there are many local stars to look up to in terms of discipline and tenacity to stay fit, who better to tell you about getting in shape than these three Pinay celebrities who can still rock a bikini at forty?

Mylene Dizon is already 41 years old and has two children, but can go toe-to-toe with any women half her age when it comes to fitness.

Because what most other people do not know, she’s an avid surfer, making regular trips to San Juan, La Union to hit the waves.

Surfers like her have toned summer bodies because the sport requires not just overall physical strength, but also flawless coordination and an acute sense of balance.

Ina Raymundo made the cover of FHM at 40 and that’s a statement in itself.

She’s now 41 and has 5 kids, so just imagine what kind of discipline she has to keep herself in shape.

Ina is into several physical fitness programs like Zumba and circuit training. Mixing up her exercise routines enables her body to use different muscle groups.

Alice Dixon maybe the oldest on our list at 47 years old, but she proves that age is just a number. She made headlines last year when she posted photos of her in a bikini, making people wonder just how she managed to stay beautiful and fit throughout the years.

The actress says it’s all thanks to her dad who taught her to keep an active lifestyle. Alice is into several sports like biking, badminton, and swimming. She also does strength training, hot yoga, and cardio workouts on the sides.

Forget the fountain of youth, because all three of these hot-at-forty celebs have a strong will to stay in shape and a natural love for active lifestyle. Goes to show that if the mind and heart is up to it, the body will follow.

Think you can look fabulous at forty as well? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Source: ABS-CBN