This 5 Months Old Premature Baby Was Expected To Live For Only 3 Days. It’s A Miracle She’s Still Alive But She Needs HELP!

On February 26, Facebook user Anne del Rosario Ereses shared some photos of a newborn baby named “Baby Khim” whose life she considers to be a true miracle.

“5months pa lang po sa sinapupunan ng nanay nya Lumabas na 🙁 doctor said 3days lang sya mabubuhay 10days na po syang nabubuhay ngayon pls. share nyo po para maka rating sa social Media at matulungan natin si BABY KHIM miracle,” Erese wrote.

According to her, Baby Khim was born prematurely after just 5 months in her mother’s womb. The doctor, seeing how underdeveloped the infant is, declared that she would live for just 3 days.

On the date she posted photos, Erese said Baby Khim is already on her 10th day on earth – a true miracle even in the medical society.

It is unclear whether the baby belongs to her or to one of her relatives as she did not attribute the photos from any particular individual as a source.

Facebook page “Tambayan ni Berto Worldwide” also shared the photos but did not provide any additional information on the current condition of the baby.

Premature birth can be caused by a number of different factors including poor pre-natal care, unhealthy diet and/or practices of the mother like smoking or taking drugs and genetic traits.

Babies born prematurely are subjected to intensive care inside an incubator to help its body fully develop.

Right now, she needs help to keep living the miracle.

If you know the mother or family of the baby in the picture, kindly let us know in the comments section below so help can find its way to Baby Khim.

Source: facebook