This 6 Years Old Girl Was Called in Front of Her Schoolmate, What the Teacher Revealed Made Everyone Cry!

6-year-old student A’Layah Robinson inspired so many people all across the globe as she turns her life’s lemons into ‘Lemonade for Love’.

The inspiring story of this young hero from Sulphur, Oklahoma started in her early childhood. Having a drug-addicted mother, A’Layah had to move from one foster home to the next.

It had not been easy for A’Layahm, but forunately she met the Robinson family who then adopted her and opened their family to her.

However, tragedy came in the life of A’Layah after her town was struck by a tornado, leaving many of their neighbors grieving for their lost homes and belongings.

A’Layah wasn’t typical and her big heart for people soon showed.

The tornado came after A’Layah’s birthday so at the time she had saved money which she initially intended to use for a Barbie doll. But due to the tragedy, her plans changed.

“When the tornado hit just a few days after her birthday, she told me she wanted to give all of her money to a family that we know that lost everything,” her foster mother Misty Robinson shared.

For a little girl to be as selfless as this is amazing in itself, but it was not the end of her generosity.

She was able to begin her own ministry named “Lemonade for Love”. Her little business’ profits were used to buy blankets, toys, toiletries and other things for children in need.

With the 6-year-old’s initiative, many from her community soon followed after her.

“She just has a very generous spirit. She’s been a gift from God. She’s an incredible child, so it’s something you don’t see every day,” says her teacher Tiffany Robertson in an interview with KFOR NewsChannel 4.

Because of this, A’Layah was nominated by her teacher for NewsChannel 4’s “Pay It Forward”. A’Layah was then awarded $400 in a ceremony in her school.

“Do you know what a superhero is? Like some people have Superman for their superhero, or Batman or Spiderman. But you’re my superhero. You know why? Because you do such an amazing thing for so many kids around the world and around Oklahoma. And I just think that’s so amazing. I just love it and I want you to continue with that,” Robertson shared in front of the whole school.

The money given to her was used to buy 250 bags filled with necessities, 100 blankets and 50 baby blankets for more children under foster care.

Isn’t she inspirational? With people like this the world can become a better place, don’t you think? Watch the video and share your thoughts with us!

Source: YouTube