Angry Netizen Shares How Her Beloved Pet Cat Was Cruelly Killed by her Neighbors Using a Homemade Arrow!

Warning: The following article features graphic images. Please do not replicate what you see in these photos at home or anywhere else.

Not many people are aware of this, but animal cruelty is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Animals are capable of love and affection, which is why many people consider their pets to be part of their families.

Last week, a family was distraught when they found their beloved pet cat suffering after their neighbors shot it with a homemade arrow. The worst part was the cat was pregnant.

Netizen Marlen Mamaed posted on Facebook about the cruelty suffered by their family’s cat at the hands of cruel strangers.

The netizen’s mother warned her not to get too close to her pet because it might lash out due to the pain and because it was pregnant.

Mamaed then said that they had to wait for their father to come home so they could take the cat to a veterinarian for aid. But because the incident happened on a Sunday, no pet clinics were open at the time.

Unfortunately, the cat had died of her injuries.

Mamaed wasn’t entirely sure who is to blame for this wicked act but believes children might’ve done it.

The netizen then shared photos of what happened to her cat and wish an ill-fated to befall those who were responsible.

Other netizens sympathized with Mamaed’s loss and hoped that the people responsible would be apprehended.

Sadly no leads have surfaced concerning the death of their cat and it is unlikely that any would surface after a week of searching.

How awful!

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Source: DefinitelyFilipino