Angry Woman Kills 8 Puppies In Front Of Mother Dog To ‘Teach Her A Lesson’!

Humans are not the only ones who understand the essence of being a mother. Animals may not have the communication abilities humans do but most of them know how to care for their children like human mothers do. However, not all people completely understand the mental capability of animals.

This may seem to be the case of this particular woman who slammed 8 puppies on a rock in order to teach their mother dog a lesson. The heartless woman did the cruel act while the poor dog was watching.

Many netizens were shocked upon seeing this story which was reported to have happened in Krishnanagar, India. A woman named Ponnamma was enraged with Ammu, a four-year-old stray dog who gave birth beside their house gate. She was so angry about the increasing number of stray dogs in their place hunted down the place where Ammu gave birth to a litter of 8, she did not hesitate to commit the cruel act. Ponnamma mercilessly took the precious lives of Ammu’s puppies while the dog watched.

Buzzflare reported that she picked up the puppies one by one and slammed their little heads on a rock near the house. Ammu was just watching apparently confused by what was happening.

Times of India then said that bystanders saw Ammu digging her puppies out of their graves and tried to nurse them. While seven of them immediately died on the day of the ordeal, the other one survived the night only to die in the morning.

Meanwhile, Ponnamma’s neighbors called the authorities to investigate what happened but she refused to give her comments regarding the incident.

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Source: YouTube