Baby Girl Plays With Gigantic Snake, You’d Never Believe What Happens Next!

Snake haters and lovers alike may learn a thing or two about our cold-blooded slithering friends from this young girl.

In a video posted by Youtube user Edness Taoka, a three-year-old girl, presumably her own daughter, is seen hugging an 8-feet reticulated python.

The reptile seemed to be quite relaxed in the presence of the child. In fact, the latter was even playing with her toys over it.

Stretched out vertically, the snake appears to be doing what would be the dog equivalent of begging, to which the girl responded with a hug.

As if the snake understood, it gently lands over the kid’s right shoulder that would make anyone sigh either with adoration or with relief that the kid didn’t get swallowed.

While some netizens found the moment oddly cute, others questioned the parents’ decision to let their daughter play with a snake bigger than her.

Here is Edness reply to one of the commenters:

“It is about understanding animal behaviour, reading body language and adult supervision. Snakes do not bite for no good reason. Snakes and other cold-blooded creatures are more clued on than we humans give them credit for.

“They are able to tell the difference what is food and what is a threat. Take away the idea you are food or a danger to them and you are left with an animal which is more docile and safer than a cat or dog or horse in my opinion.

“Our daughter has been interacting with these animals since she was 2 years old and has the understanding to be gentle and slow around them.

“Our family cat has bitten and scratched us hundreds of times (drawing blood) yet we have not been bitten once by either of our reticulated pythons. Good husbandry and handling practices make this possible.”

On the other hand, in July 2011, parents Jaren Hare and Charles Darnell from Florida, Miami were charged with third-degree murder after their pet python “squeezed their two-year-old daughter to death.”

We certainly hope they know what they are doing.

Would you let your kids play with a python or any snake for that matter? Let us know in the comments section!

Source: YouTube