Beautiful! Man Creates Most Memorable Proposal Ever in the Heart of the Arctic Circle Under the Northern Lights!

No moment could have been more perfect than this for couple Dale Sharp, 34, and his girlfriend Karlie Russel, 29. In the heart of the Arctic Circle under the beautiful Northern Lights, the Australian man executed what may be the most romantic proposal yet.

On his second attempt to propose, Sharp finally got the answer he had long been waiting for after getting her to say yes in front of Aurora Borealis, Lofoten, in Norway.

Last year, during the couple’s vacation in Iceland, Sharp made his first attempt to propose. He placed the ring inside her bottle of hand cream. Unfortunately, due to their already overweight luggage, Russell threw the bottle along with the ring in it, unaware of what she had just done.

Weeks after their trip before Sharp found out that the ring was already gone. Sharp said, “I didn’t know until a week, weeks after when we were in Iceland and I was looking everywhere for the ring. I asked her where the moisturizer was and she told me she threw it out in the airport.”

But it seems as if the mistake was actually a blessing in disguise as they got the chance to have the memorable proposal under the northern lights. The day of Sharp’s proposal marked their 30th time to witness the lights together. Both Sharp and Russel are landscape photographers.

“We both love chasing the Northern Lights and photographing them together. So, it seemed pretty fitting.”

“I hadn’t heard or seen anyone do it (propose at the Northern Lights) before, and I wanted to do something different from everybody else.”

Sharp’s initial plan was to propose on the seventh anniversary of his first date with Russell, but decided otherwise, seizing the perfect opportunity under the Northern Lights. Apparently, they were on a two-month working trip in the Arctic.

“It was the most amazing display of color in the Aurora that we’ve ever seen,” Sharp said. “I wanted to take [the] full opportunity and make it happen at its absolute best. The moment was right, it felt good, so why not.”

Fortunately, Russell sealed the perfect moment as she said yes.

Sharp was able to take a perfect shot of their engagement through the camera’s timer. And now, the photo has gone viral both on Facebook and Instagram.

“The most ironic thing is that we’re both landscape photographers, but have zero photos hanging up on our walls of our images,” he admitted.

“But this is one image that we want to keep for ourselves, and hang up on the wall.”

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Source: Inquirer