Beware: Tilapia Found Contaminated With Tapeworm! It Can Be Deadly! Must Watch!

Filipinos love to eat, especially when the food’s fresh. Our culture has a wide variety of ‘ulam’ – our local term for viands – that even foreigners love to eat.

Case in point – when former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres visited the country in January to judge the 65th Miss Universe pageant, she immediately posted on her Instagram that she missed pork ‘sinigang’, saying it would always be her favorite Filipino food. There was even a video accompanying her post.

Among the most popular native viands that we have is the tilapia, a freshwater fish that is widely available. It is also known as the ‘aquatic chicken’ as it grows fast and breeds quickly. Tilapia is almost always the first choice for most Filipinos when it comes to fish dishes.

So what happens when a fish vendor opens up a tilapia and finds a tapeworm inside? Gross, we know.

Such was the case in a video that was released by YouTube user STPH Staff. The footage shows a fish vendor extracting a tapeworm from a tilapia that he cut open.

It has already reached 51, 427 views as of this writing.

The video begins with the fish vendor slicing the tilapia in half, as is the usual procedure when preparing fish for a meal. Apparently, a customer was filming the whole process. He sounded amazed and was heard saying, “Oh, yeaaahh” when the fish vendor began to cut the tilapia.

But a few moments later he saw something strange – a long tapeworm clearly visible inside the tilapia! The fish vendor extracted it with his knife and the customer commented that he should “skim the fish.”

The US National Library of Medicine cited that tapeworms in fish are one of the largest parasites that could easily infect people.

Lots of netizens spread the video in an effort to warn others. They claim that people should be more vigilant when it comes to buying food from the market.

Watch the whole video here!

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Source: YouTube