You Can Now Get Permanent Residency in Japan After Living There for Just ONE Year! READ THE DETAILS HERE!

Did you know that by working in Japan for one year, you could already become a permanent resident there? This was announced by Japan’s Ministry of Justice to ease the requirements for highly-skilled foreign workers and professionals by the end of March 2017.

According to the World of Buzz, the country wanted to encourage more skilled employees to move to Japan. This is a significant change because previously, immigrants had to live in Japan for a total of 10 years before they can be considered as permanent residents.

This isn’t the first time that Japan has implemented this type of policy.

Back in 2012, they had a points-based system that aimed to shorten the wait of highly-skilled applicants into three categories: The advanced academic research activities, advanced technical activities, and advanced business-management activities.

Those people who were able to earn high in the aforementioned categories are then considered eligible for permanent residency in Japan after five years of staying in the country.

Now, only three years are needed from those who earned over 70 points and only one year for those who earned over 80 points.

Apart from that, the Ministry of Justice has added that people can now earn those points through investments in Japanese businesses and degrees from top institutions in the country.

Japan Times reported that last year, around 6,298 foreign nationals were considered as highly-skilled professionals at the end of October. From this figure, one-third of them were expected to gain the permanent residency status in just one year, following the new policy.

In addition to that, Britain and South Korea have also implemented the same policies to its foreign workers.

What do you think about this new policy of Japan? Do you think you can now work in Japan and be a permanent resident there?

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Source: JapanTimes