CHECK THIS OUT: Python Swallows a Large Possum Whole and It’s Incredibly Scary! Watch to Find Out!

It has been known that snakes—pythons specifically—are one of the deadliest animals out there apart from their venom, they can swallow creatures that are even bigger than them.

Pythons are considered one of the largest snakes in the world and have been known to inhabit the continents Africa, Asia, and Australia.

According to Daily Mail, a python in Sydney, Australia swallowed a large possum whole. It was caught on video footage by the owner of one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Pauline Gulleford.

It was reported that it was a long diamond back python that ate the Australian marsupial, the possum, seen in the video. The diamond python is actually ‘morelia spilota spilota,’ a subspecies of Carpet Python.

It is a medium-large snake that can be found in the coastal areas and in adjacent ranges of southeastern Australia. They are typically inoffensive by nature and are generally reluctant to bite, but they are considered ambush predators with large territories.

They aren’t usually a danger to humans, but they are capable of biting and leaving teeth in the wound of a victim if severely harassed.

According to Gulleford, the python tightly wrapped its body around the possum and suffocated it. After which, it was able to swallow the possum whole, from head to tail.

Gulleford said that the event happened for about an hour while she was at home on her property in the Northern Beaches.

“Hopefully, it was quick,” she said.

In the captured images above, the python squeezed the possum and lifted it to another branch before it swallowed it whole.

Meanwhile, the image below shows how the python grabbed the possum while it was dangerously positioned in a tree and squeezed it.

A woman who watched the event said: “You’d think: “How on Earth does that huge possum get into that tight mouth”…that’s not a big snake.”

Like most snakes, diamond pythons can swallow animals much larger than the diameter of their own heads. In relation to this, the bystanders in the area noted how the python appeared “thin” compared to the possum.

However, they were deceived. See the shocking footage here!

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Source: DailyMail