These Chinese Village Girls Can Qualify As Victoria’s Secret Models Any Day!

No to stereotyping but let’s just be a little bit honest. When we say village girls, we talk about ‘probinsyanas’ in the Philippine context. They are conservative ladies coming from very conservative and very traditional provinces.

Sometimes, they are seen as ‘losyang’. Guys from the Metro would not even hang out with them. These girls need to undergo major make-over just to get along with Manila’s It Girls.

However in China, these village girls beat the hell out of the ladies living in the city. Their faces appear to be carved like those of the goddesses and their oozing appeal are enough to prove that China is indeed the land of the beautiful. These village models really slay!

Check their hot photos here and be convinced that they are qualified to be models of Victoria’s Secret!:

As they say, ‘Nahiya ang sili sa hotness nila’

The weather is too hot she can’t handle it. Clothes off!

If she can’t pass as Victoria’s Secret model, numerous men would hire her as their nanny.

Perfection in nature.