This Contestant Was The First Ever To Do This To All The Judges In Front Of The Audience! Unbelievable!

Warning: The following video may contain scenes unsuitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised.

A video has gone viral featuring the wild audition performance by a contestant of The X Factor UK.

Lorna Bliss, a Britney Spears impersonator, preformed the pop-star’s hit song “Till The World Ends” while on the X Factor stage for the judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger.

She came out on stage wearing a very revealing outfit, reminiscent of Britney’s risqué style, and preformed her Britney inspired dance-song routine.

Shared by the Facebook page Monstah, the video footage from The X Factor 2012 begins with Bliss singing and grooving to her song choice.

But none of the judges expected Bliss to take her audition routine to the extreme when she began dropping low and showing off more than what the people would like to see.

English singer-songwriter Gary Barlow, who served as a judge, was too embarrassed to even look at Bliss when she suddenly squatted down.

And this was during the first 17 seconds of the video!

Even Nicole Scherzinger , lead singer of the sexy The Pussycat Dolls dance group, was rather shocked at the contestant’s suggestive dancing.

What happened next left the judges completely stunned and then put off when Bliss began to take her performance to the judges’ table.

She began to dance all over judge, entertainment manager Louis Walsh!

That’s not even the end of the whole video!

You’ll have to watch it for yourself!

Watch the crazy Britney Spears impression here!

How scandalous!

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Source: YouTube