Duterte Surprised By His Grandchildren on His Birthday! Must See! Heartmelting!

This March 28, Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte celebrated his 72nd birthday in an intimate, simple manner—just as you would expect from a fuss-free man like him.

It was reported by CNN Philippines that the president wanted no “lavish celebrations” and that he preferred the usual, traditional way he has always celebrated his birthday–by a family get-together in his residence in Davao.

It was reported by James Infuesto of the Philippine Sports Development for the Differently-Abled that he has been invited to one of the birthday celebrations of the president.

According to him, Duterte would often spend his birthday with the less fortunate communities. He would also give out food.

There were also times that the president would visit children who have cancer or interact with the marginalized sectors like those with disabilities and the indigenous people.

He claimed that Duterte usually does this with no media coverage and in a discreet manner. Infuesto added, “It speaks of a man na very sincere.”

Duterte also claimed that he doesn’t prefer to have gifts on his birthday. However, on March 27, Monday, he said that somebody presented him a Rolex, which is considered one of the most expensive watches in the world.

He exclaimed, “Now who would believe me if I talk about corruption then I wear a Rolex? You think I can afford a Rolex?”

Duterte News, meanwhile, presented pictures that were grabbed from Sara Duterte’s husband’s account, Mans Carpio.

According to them, the president’s grandsons lined up to him to give Duterte a surprise greeting. Here are the pictures:

Isn’t it touching? What do you think of Duterte’s way of celebrating his birthday?

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Source: DuterteNews