Everyone Thought That They Will Just Perform a Simple Act But When They Started Doing This Everyone Was So Shocked!

This video of a couple performing an incredible stunt on a prestigious talent show internationally has become viral on social media.

The show’s judges were both petrified and amazed by what the couple did on stage. The couple performed dangerous acrobatic stunts that wowed everyone who watched.

The guy was flipping and catching his female partner while they were both perched precariously on top of what appeared to be stilts.

You can’t help but notice that the judges and the audience were out of breath whenever the woman got thrown into the air.

In the latter part of their performance, the woman blindfolded herself while performing the same routine. She was spun around and she flew through the air without seeing anything.

In these types of stunts, trust plays a big role. If one partner makes a wrong move, then the other could get seriously injured or even killed.

Luckily, the two finished their stunt without a hitch. They even kissed right after!

Haven’t seen the death-defying stunt yet? Watch it here!

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Source: Facebook