FAIL: Twerking Video Gone Wrong for This Girl in White Leggings! Watch the Hilarious Video to the End!

When Hollywood hit maker and trendsetter Miley Cyrus appropriated the ‘Twerk’ dance craze, the social media community accepted it with open arms. As the sexy dance hit surfaced on the internet, many netizens tried to make their own versions and upload it online. Eventually, many Twerking videos made their mark in the collective memory of the social media community as they went extremely viral.

An unnamed girl from Russia made Youtube crazy after her Twerking video spread like wildfire. It was initially a normal dancing footage until something gross just came out from her.

In the middle of her dance routine, the girl wearing all white leggings just pooped while shaking her butt! Technically she “sharted”, which is a slang for when you think you’re just passing gas but then a little bit (or in this case, a lot of) “waste” comes out. Gross!
Watch the hilarious video below:

While some netizens found the video disgusting and disturbing, there are also social media users who were entertained by what happened. As for the unnamed girl in question? Well, sh*t really just happens sometimes and maybe it’s better to just keep dancing through it.

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Source: Wereblog