Former Famous P*rn Star Gives Up Luxurious Life To Serve God And Become A Pastor!

Three years ago, Crystal Bassette was living the high life as one of the most in-demand stars in the adult film industry. With over a hundred adult films under her belt as Nadia Hilton, Crystal made a whooping $300,000 a year.

Through her work as a p*rn star, the woman was able to afford a home in Malibu, seven cars, and even a nightclub.

It all began at the age of 16 when Crystal became pregnant, struggling to make ends meet as a lady from a poor family, Crystal pursued Hollywood. Crystal wanted to become a model and a movie star. However the life in Hollywood comes with a high price. In order to afford the high cost of living, Crystal had to work as a stripper.

she met an agent who offered her to try adult films.

“When I spoke to the agent, he said, ‘Oh you can make $30,000 in a month. So I was thinking, ‘Oh, wow. I can do this for a month and be done with it,” she told Barcroft TV.

“My first shoot, I remember after the scene, I sat in the shower for about two hours crying. About a month went by, and I ended up going back to it again.”

Former P*rn Star-Turned-Pastor Gave up the High Life to Serve God

This was when things began to change for the young star. In order to get through her work, she resorted to pain medication and alcohol.

“I constantly had to keep up this image of being this fake, plastic Barbie doll,” she said.

But despite the lavish lifestyle Crystal was able to afford due to her work, she is aware of the disappointment she had given her parents.

“Both my mom and my dad were disappointed with me at one point. But my dad was very disappointed. He’s a truck driver, and he had a breakroom, and there was a magazine in there, and it was opened up to his daughter in a magazine naked. That was his introduction of me to the adult industry,” Crystal shared.

Another incident transpired that led Crystal to a new life. In May 2013, the star got into a car accident where she experienced a major wake up call. After the car crash, she began attending church where she met a pastor who helped her turn her life around.

“After you get saved, you know there’s something wrong and something you don’t want to do. I haven’t gone back since. I never will.”

This was the same church where she met her future-husband and co-pastor David. Crystal explained: “We were attracted to each other right away. I loved the fact that he was a true man of God. It was such a huge attraction to me.”

For David’s part: “She’s a very strong woman, and that definitely attracted me to her. What I would like for people to take away from us is, number one, that God can forgive you no matter the past you come from. In this day and age, I hope that encourages everyone to do the same.”

According to Crystal, she believes that her past experience greatly affected her decisions that led her to the path of destruction. Crystal shared her experience of sexual abuse by two different men at the age of 5 and 7.

“I look back at my past now, and I can’t say that I regret anything because it has made me who I am,” she shared.

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Source: EliteReaders