This Guy Sent This Girl a Friend Request From 10,000 Miles Away. Then The Two End up Falling In Love!

18-year-old Rebecca Luff did not know what was coming her way when she accepted a random friend request from a complete stranger who lived thousands of miles away from her.

Two years ago, Michael Young from Adelaide, Australia sent Rebecca a friend request on Facebook hoping he’d get noticed. Fortunately for him, Rebecca entertained his messages and soon the two started chatting.

Their continuous conversation turned into something more until they eventually made it official in December of 2015. Michael visited Rebecca in Plymouth for three weeks last year before making his way to Amsterdam.

According to Michael, even before he met her, things were already going smoothly.

“When we first met it was like I had known him my whole life, it wasn’t awkward at all. We just clicked” Rebecca shared.

“When we first started talking, I never thought it would be this serious. Nobody took us seriously for a long time; I think everyone thought it was all a bit bizarre,” she explained.

Since their meeting last October 3rd, the long-distance couple have yet to see each another in person again. However, Rebecca will be visiting Michael in Australia during her three-month sabbatical leave from her job at an insurance company.

Rebecca expressed her excitement upon seeing Michael again as well as meeting his friends and family who she regularly communicates with on Skype. As for Rebecca’s family, they support her decision.

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Source: 9GAG