HEARTBREAKING: A Child was Discovered Sleeping on a Piece of Cardboard in Kyrgyzstan.

Recently, the story of a child who was photographed sleeping on a piece of cardboard in Kyrgyzstan went viral.

The heartbreaking images caused an uproar online. The images reportedly came out on the same day as the president of Kyrgyzstan’s birthday. The photos apparently showed the growing problem of poverty in Kyrgyzstan to the rest of the world.

According to a popular trending news site, the boy in the photo is only 2 years old. His mother was apparently forced to leave him on the street with just a piece of cardboard for a bed because she could not afford to give him anything better.

The boy is reportedly only one of four children that the poor mother has to raise. It has been reported that the boy’s mother makes money by selling goods at the market. Netizens believe that, based on the photos, it looks like she barely makes enough money to provide food for all of her children, let alone give them proper beds to sleep on.

According to Metro UK, the boy’s mother agreed to be interviewed by BBC Trending to talk about the photos of her son that went viral.

The mother, Zulfia Usenova, said the following about the photos:

“My son fell asleep when I was working and I had no choice but to lay him on the ground in a safe place while I was busy with work.”

About the cardboard, Usenova said the following:

“I lay a carton underneath him, he was only asleep for ten to fifteen minutes.”

Usenova ended the interview with, “‘I am ashamed. Even if I am poor I look after my children. I am not lazy.”

She also explained that her husband had to work abroad in the hopes of giving his family a better life – a story all too familiar for Filipinos.

It seems like netizens were a little too quick to judge the mother after seeing the photos.

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Source: Kami