Her Husband Was Sleeping in The Middle of The Night Until She Did This! Her Husband’s Reaction is Unbelievable!

All couples have that stage in their relationship when the two gets comfortable living around each other, and things start to get better for them as there is stability in the house.

But this wife maybe got a little too comfortable with her husband.

A video has been circulating around the internet that shows a pregnant wife and her husband resting in their bed, when the wife starts to panic as she seemed to be nearing her labour.

The husband, quick on his feet, tells his wife to calm down and that everything is going to be fine.

As he asked what she needed, the pregnant wife then positions herself to release a bomb that he never saw coming and released some gas on him!

The netizens from all over the world were all amused by the video, and couples too were tagging their significant other on the comments section to share their laughter with them. The post has accumulated over 35K likes, 250K shares, and almost 15K in comments.

It’s always a good idea to have fun around your significant other.

Source: Facebook