KPOP Star’s Judges Became Speechless After Seeing The Unbelievable Performance Of A 10-Year-Old Girl! WATCH IT HERE!

This 10-year-old girl proved that age is indeed just a number. Despite the fact that she’s still young, this girl proved that she can pull off quite a performance!

The girl is a contestant of ‘KPOP Star’, a talent search show in South Korea where the CEO’s of top three entertainment companies search for the next pop star.

While the show had its share of the usual show-grabbers, the girl named Han Byul completely changed that game after her performance shocked the judges.

Han performed a rendition of ‘Burn It up’ by Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott which set the stage ablaze and the audiences roaring.

The judges seem to find it hard to believe what they were seeing in front of their eyes. Han’s smirks, infectious smile, and sexy steps were so impeccable that it is difficult to see imagine a 10-year old doing them.

However, netizens shared varying perspective about the little girl’s performance. While some lauded her for being a great dancer, some say that they found the performance uncomfortable to watch because they believe her steps are not yet suitable for her age.

Watch Han Byul’s performance below!

Source: Viral4real