The Littlest and Cutest Supporter of President Duterte Has Gone Viral – Watch Here!

The supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte are a very vocal and impassioned group – much like the Philippine president himself.

Much like their counterparts over at the Pro-Liberal Party, many Duterte supporters took to social media to voice their opinions.

Indeed many have pledged to follow Pres. Duterte’s example especially when it comes to the war on illegal drugs.

Whatever implications that may have is as subjective as people’s political views.

This viral video features the youngest and littlest supporter of President Duterte, named “Prince Mando”, who’s ready to do his part in support of his country and president.

Prince Mando has his own Facebook page whose support video for the president was shared by the Rodrigo Duterte Supporters’ Facebook page.

Ever since it was shared on their page, Prince has become something of a trending hit among the Duterte supporters.

It certainly takes the phrase “Duterte Youth” to a whole different place.

The video has garnered around 4.6K reactions and 2K shares as of writing.

It’s nice to see the youth take an active stance in the whirlwind world of politics, but it’s better to be informed off all the facts and different views before one can truly be an active citizen.

Children are impressionable.

So long as justice, equality and freedom are taught to them, then hopefully there shouldn’t be any problems.

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Source: Facebook