Locals Witness a Python and a King Cobra Going Head to Head on a Busy Street!

There are times when people lose their temper and release their anger in public. People brawl or trash talk each other along streets or other public places where many people can witness their outburst. These situations are typically deemed normal.

However, something that most people don’t witness is a fight between two wild reptiles in the middle of a busy street. This actually happened and witnesses were left speechless.

During an ordinary afternoon in one of the streets near Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, locals were stunned when a king cobra and a reticulated python engaged in a one-on-one brawl.

This showdown shocked many bystanders and passersby as it has never happened before in a place where there were so many people. Most of the time, this natural situation occurs deep within forests, away from the prying eyes of human beings.

However, the two reptiles were not afraid to put on a violent show in the heart of the densely-populated city.

The fight apparently lasted for 30 minutes before authorities arrived to take charge of the situation. The python was reportedly released back into the forest while the king cobra was returned to the zoo it had escaped from.

The king cobra was treated by the zoo’s veterinary staff. However, authorities doubt the reticulated python’s survival as it sustained serious injuries. King cobras have notoriously powerful venom coursing through their veins, one bite is often enough to kill.

Watch the video below:

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Source: YouTube