Man Caught Taking Up-Skirt Video of Woman on a Train! Shocking!

Commuting is an everyday battle. You have to tread the urban jungle with a bunch of people whom you’ve grown to view as enemies because all of you regularly scramble for the most comfortable seats on public transport.

It’s bad enough in Manila—with the heat, grime, and pollution—but it’s worse in China, where the population is bigger and the commute, extremely unforgiving.

The Diplomat reported that the police of Beijing have introduced new guidelines in 2013 that pertained to females in public transportation. According to them, females should cover up and avoid wearing “minimal clothing” in their commute to avoid being sexually harassed.

They also advised females to “sit on higher levels of buses and to stand on lower stairs, to avoid being the target of inappropriate picture-taking, and they should shelter their bodies with bags, magazines and newspapers.”

The source also claimed that women in China frequently complain about being groped or touched inappropriately while they ride extremely crowded buses and subway trains in Beijing.

However, this might not be something exclusive to Beijing. Facebook fan page ‘Shanghaiist’ uploaded a short clip that showed just how sexual harassment is not just limited to touching, but to being inappropriately filmed as well.

The video has gained 21 million views as of writing and has drawn many furious comments from the netizens, especially the females.

Some of them commented:

Leticia Flores: “Wish that girl was on her period so the guy opened to a period underwear full of blood. Ha, Take that Perverted a-hole.”

Erica Belchior: “Why I always wear shorts underneath my skirts or dresses. Smh some guys are pigs (with a sad-faced, disappointed emoji, and a pig emoji) sad world we live in”

At first, viewers may not be seeing the wrong thing but upon closer inspection, one can see that the guy is secretly filming what’s beneath the dress of the girl standing in front of him.

Here’s the clip that was uploaded to the fan page:

Ladies, be careful on your commute! The world is a dangerous place indeed. What do you think about this?

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Source: Facebook