McDonald’s Finally Release Their Heartbreaking Ad! You Have to Watch This!

Fast food giant McDonald’s is not about to go down–not after Jollibee released their two Valentines-themed ads, no. In fact, they’ve just started tugging at the heartstrings of us regular people–with their latest commercial that was featured on their official Facebook fan page.

It was uploaded on March 28, Tuesday and has already garnered a whopping amount of 1.2 million views. Its caption is “Anyone can afford to be happy. Kaya mo with the Burger McSavers. #TuloyPaRin”

In the beginning, we see a guy sitting down inside McDonald’s. Suddenly, he catches a glimpse of a girl in a corner. It turns out that he actually turned down the girl way back.

After a few seconds of thinking, he decides to stand up and approach her. He gathers his meal tray, only to find out that the girl is actually with her boyfriend. He stops in his tracks, the smile gone from his face.

He witnesses the girl he rejected and her new boyfriend, talking and seemingly having fun with each other. Sadness creeps up into his heart and a single tear is ready to make its way down his cheek.

He sees the girl handing the guy a burger and he tilts his head away from the view, hurt. He sits down to his seat, grabs his meal, and then opens a McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich instead. He closes his eyes as he takes a bite. He stares at the sun, his sadness unbelievably gone.

Then it’s the girl’s turn to be surprised—she sees him, and then for a split second, she pauses. The guy catches her stare but this time, something is different. His eyes don’t seem to bear the heartbroken look he initially had.

See the whole commercial here:

How did it make you feel? Were you just as affected as we were? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts to us below!

Source: Facebook