MIND BLOWN: How Are These People Able To Have Fast Food Utensils At Home?! Must Read!

“Are they stolen?”

This is the typical questions asked by confused netizens on a post made by Facebook user David Dominic Isaac Villanueva.

In Villanueva’s post, he featured photos submitted by netizens which showed utensils which come from fast food chain. The post already garnered 35 thousand reactions and almost 23 thousand shares. Moreover, its commenst section is almost exploding with 15 thousand comments, all in less than 24 hours!

What makes this post so catchy?

Well, the post generally hit the netizens’ sense of humor. On Villanueva’s post, old and used utensils from McDonald’s, KFC, Jollibee, Mang Inasal and others are present in the homes of the pictures’ contributors. People started to really ask how the contributors got these utensils. While some get the hilarious point of the post, a lot of people are really concerned about these utensils being stolen.

Despite stealing accusations, other netizens offered their explanations. The original poster himself clarified that some fast food chains offer used and old utensils to their employees at cheaper price. According to them, companies usually do it when it’s time to replace these materials. In addition, Villanueva also said that some of the utensils are available in Divisoria or Recto.

Nevertheless, the post is still considered ‘mabenta’ for the ‘masa’ because people continue to be amazed at to how some of the contributors managed to get the tools outside these fancy restaurants. For the entertained Facebook users, these contributors must have incredible skills for taking Jollibee spoons, Chowking saucers, KFC plates and even Mang Inasal’s Rice Containers out of the restaurants’ premises.

Meanwhile, the comment section of the post is also bombarded with funny and hilarious photos of fast food utensils present in some of the netizens’ homes. You will really ask yourself ‘How on Earth did they get these?!” with these mind-blowing and yet entertaining pictures.

Do you also have fast food utensils at home? Share and comment their pictures below!

Source: Facebook