This Month-Old Boy Can Read! You Have To Watch This To Believe It!

According to WebMD, a health and medical news website, an 18-month-old baby can already say 10 simple words and identify basic body parts. They can also repeat short words or imitate sounds.

But just recently, a video of a certain 19-month-old baby from Charlottle, North Carolina circulated on social media showing a young boy reading words on flash cards. Reportedly, the young toddler can already read up to 300 words and even count to 50.

The genius boy had been identified as Carter Whiteside.

On the short clip uploaded on Facebook, the child was seen reading every word on the flashcards before proceeding to the next card. Proving that the child can truly read the words, little Carter even read a flashcard shown upside down.

Carter’s mother, LaToya, shared that the child is truly a fast learner.

“My 19-month-old son can read. He knows his ABCs (phonetically and recognises the letters when written). He can count to 50 and reads over 300 words. He reads signs everywhere we go so I’m sure he knows more than even I am aware,” she said.

According to his mother, Carter was already able to learn words on his own at 12-months-old of age.

“My son started recognising words and signing when he was just seven months old. He began sounding out words I had never shown him at around 12 months.”

“The flashcards used in the video were a recent purchase from the dollar store. I had gone over them with him only once before recording,” she explained.

However, the video was released in November 2015, which means that the child may already be 2-3 years old now. Many netizens who’ve heard about the kid suggested that Carter will surely qualify for an Ivy League school in the future.

We all can’t wait to see how far this genius boy would go! What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Source: Littlethings