A Mother Leaves Home For 2 Weeks, When She Came Back He Didn’t Expect That His Husband Will Do This To Their Daughter!

A series of entertaining father and daughter photos is now circulating in the internet.

Instagram user @maratca works as a photographer and lives in Tumen, Russia with his wife and 7-year-old daughter.

One day, his wife left home for a business trip that lasted for two weeks. She was anxious of leaving their young daughter behind with her husband who doesn’t know a lot about any household chores.

However, Marat assured her that they will both be fine and even promised to update the mother.

The following photos below were taken by Marat and were posted on his Instagram account. Each image contained the sign saying, “Mom, I’m fine.”

What could’ve been the reaction of Marat’s wife when she sees these?

Source: Newsner