Must See: 8 Adorable Gut-Busting Photos of Sisters Recreating Childhood Photos! #3 is a Classic!

Ever since social media gave birth to “Throwback Thursdays”, netizens all over the world have raised the level of reminiscing to the point of recreating their childlike expressions as adults.

Adult versions of childhood photos are always a hit online not just because of the hilarious absurdity of the resulting images; it also reminds us that time flies by so fast.

In any case, these pictures by the Bonifacio sisters from the Philippines will definitely crack you up and make your heart melt at the same time.

Check out their photos here:

Looks like someone isn’t very happy with their haul.

Instagram-worthy since 2003!

Today, we take pictures of food before we eat. Back then, we took pictures of the food while in the act of eating.

The best party ever. Obviously.

Ah! The obligatory “sit-by-the-piano” shot!

Here are the girls again with their haul. From the looks of it, one of them is going to get in trouble.

The ‘bunso’ on the verge of a tantrum with her sisters to the rescue.

And of course, who doesn’t have a “garden-with-a-plant-in-the-foreground” photo?

Which one is your favorite? Take your pick and let us know in the comments section!

Source: DefinitelyFilipino