This Netizen Appeals to People for Help for 90-Year-Old Grandma Maria Who Carries Large, Heavy Bags Just to Earn Money!

Perseverance is one of the most well-known traits Filipinos possess. This is evident when it comes to dealing with calamities and other unfortunate tragedies that put the resilience of the average Filipino to the test. Such is the story of 90-year-old Grandma Maria who was spotted by a concerned netizen.
According to Facebook user Bernadette Castillo Fernandez, she saw Grandma Maria Malanom in the Lingayen branch of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Pangasinan. She said that Grandma Maria sold candies which she carried in large, heavy bags. Bernadette wanted the public to know about the old woman’s plight.

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Bernadette said that it was quite evident that the old woman was struggling with the bags. However, due to perseverance and sheer force of will, Grandma Maria still manages to lug the heavy bags around just so she could earn money from selling her candies. Bernadette said in her post:
“Sana po mabigyan natin ng pansin at tulong si lola dahil sa edad nyang 90years old subrang nahihirapan na po syang magtinda habang buhat buhat ang dalawang mbigat na bayong”

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via Facebook
The picture above shows one of the products that Grandma Maria sold, pastillas de leche, a common delicacy among Filipinos.
Bernadette also took a video of Grandma Maria as she talked to a customer. It can be seen that she was really having a hard time merely standing due to old age.

Bernadette’s post has already reached 10 thousand likes on Facebook as of this writing. A netizen named Jhocel Camero Caniedo Calicdan commented:
Professional po mga anak ni lola at suportado xa ng mga anak nya. Naalala ko pa sinabi nya sa amin noon na minsan pinapagalitan xa ng mga anak nya dahil ngtitinda pa xa, kaya lang si lola po ang my gusto mgtinda kahit ayaw ng mga family nya na pagtindahin xa… Un ang kwento ni lola sa amin noon… Lola miz ko ung yema, spasol, pakasyat na silag na benta nyo, ung 10 pesos isang pack pa noon…
Here is the whole video that Bernadette uploaded:

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SOURCE: Facebook