Netizens Willingly Cleaned Up Their Own Tables To Help This Old McDonald’s Fast Food Crew!

McDonald’s is one of the most famous and ubiquitous fast food chains in the Philippines and the whole world, for that matter. Thus, many people work there as crew members. But have you ever seen a senior citizen McDonald’s crew member?
According to RachFeed, Facebook user Lemuel Baltazar Estrada and his friends saw an old man who cleaned the tables as they ate at McDonald’s. They were astonished since the old man wore the fast food chain’s iconic uniform, which meant that he worked there.

Lemuel said that when people offered to help the old man, he refused them and continued to clean the tables inside the fast food chain. Therefore, they volunteered to clean their own tables after they finished their meals.

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According to the source, Lemuel and his friends cleaned their own mess up in order to make the old man’s job easier since the old man would just refuse their help if they offered it. They placed all of their food containers and utensils in the tray and then cleaned up after themselves.

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According to Lemuel’s Facebook post:

McDo Service Crew. Yung pinagkainan namin eh inayos naming mabuti at nilagay na sa tray para di sya mahirapan (same kahit bata ang crew). Ayaw kasi niya magpatulong. #KudosnSalute2SGMcDo for giving them equal job opportunities. Sana lahat ng branches sa Pinas magkaroon para mas maging disiplinado ang mga customers lalo na ang mga kabataan. Matutong magkusang palong maglinis ng pinagkainan. Clean as you go. Malaking tulong po sa kanila.
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Based on Lemuel’s post, the McDonald’s branch in question was located in Singapore, judging from the acronyms he wrote (SGMcDo). He also had the location stamp from ‘McDonald’s IFLY,’ which tagged itself as a fast food chain in Singapore.
However, he posted that all McDo branches in the Philippines should give equal opportunities to people who wanted a livelihood, such as the old man he encountered – provided that the jobs they offer are within their abilities.

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SOURCE: RachFeed