This Passenger Shared the Creepy Experience She Had During Her Uber Ride! Find out What Happened Here!

Filipinos are naturally superstitious people. Due to our rich tradition and colorful ancient past, we all grew up believing that there are ghosts and other supernatural entities around us. As creepy as they may be, these unseen beings and weird energies are already part of our psyche. This is why every time we witness something out of the ordinary, we try our best to seek answers for them. One Uber passenger took to Facebook to share her experience during one of her usual rides.

According to the unnamed netizen, she was stuck in traffic during her Uber ride. Already annoyed, she decided to take a photo of it and sent it to her friend. However, the person she was chatting with saw the photo and immediately asked her who her driver is. Thinking that her friend was asking whether she was taking Uber or Grab, she responded by saying “ung Uber.”

Upon closer inspection though, she finally figured out what her friend was trying to say. Check out their full conversation here:

It turns out that her Uber driver was nowhere to be found in the photo even though she recalls him being there. She added that she looked closely at him and made sure he was there but upon taking another picture, he didn’t show up on the screen again. This scared the passenger which is why she decided not to take another photo of him.

During these kinds of situations, people are expected to tell the “headless” person about what they saw. Some superstitious beliefs also state that an individual must get a black cloth and cover the head of the headless person so that no harm would come their way. In this case, the netizen wasn’t the one who told the driver about the incident but the other passenger who was sharing the ride with her.

Since the story went viral, the Facebook user decided to make her post private so as not to gain any more attention.

What can you say about the incident? Was it just due to a wrong angle or is the photo a sign that something bad is about to happen to the driver? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

SOURCE: Facebook.com