These Pinoy Celebrities Look Really Similar To These Korean Stars! Find out Who They Are Here!

Through the years, we’ve all noticed that some of the people we know bear an uncanny resemblance with another person. In fact, each person in the world is bound to look like someone else not related to him/her. Celebrities are not exempted from this rule as they also have doppelgangers, and from a different nationality, at that.

Take a look at some of the Pinoy celebrities with Korean dopplegangers:

Kris Lawrence and Tae Yang
If you look at these two closely, you’ll see that they are both similar in the way they dress up as well as their facial features and body build. Aside from that, both celebrities are talented singers!

These Pinoy Celebrities Look Eerily Similar To These Korean Stars! Find out Who They Are Here!

Rocco Nacino and Jin Goo
The Encantadia star and Descendants of the Sun star look like they are brothers. Even Rocco Nacino admits that he looks like Jin Goo.

Jeyrick Sigmaton and Lee Min Ho
Jeyrick, aka Carrot Man, has been ogled by his fans for bearing a resemblance with Korean actor Lee Min Ho. In fact, Jeyrick was even featured in a Korean TV show because of his Korean-like facial features.

Kris Bernal and Lee Da Hae
These two actresses are the most similar looking among the bunch. One might even suspect that they are long lost twins.

Darren Espanto and Rap Monster
There is no doubt that these two singers look like each other based on their hairstyles, eyes, and even their dimples.

Richard Poon and Park Yoochun
Aside from their physical resemblance, Richard Poon and Park Yoochun are also popular for their incredible singing talent.

Liza Soberano and Nana
Nana and Liza are both known for their doll-like faces which definitely make all men swoon and girls jealous.

Watch this video to see!

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