This Pinoy Doctor Shared The Secrets To Getting Rid Of Insomnia!

Everyone deserves a peaceful sleep at night. Sleep recharges our bodies, granting us rejuvenated energy the next day.

For most people, sleep is easily attained. After a long day’s work, it’s easy to just lay in bed and fall asleep. However, for some, falling asleep might prove a bit difficult. For people with insomnia, falling asleep is a struggle.

These natural remedies by Dr. Willie Ong will help get rid of your insomnia.

1. Have a regular sleeping and waking up time.
2. Maintain a regular diet.
3. Engage in regular exercise.
4. Ensure that your alcohol and caffeine intake is minimal. Alcohol may help you sleep faster, but the quality of your sleep will be poor.
5. Avoid mental activities after 6 PM.
6. Avoid scheduling a meeting in the morning to avoid forcing yourself to sleep early.
7. Design your bedroom to be more comfortable.

8. Make sure your mattress is soft and comfy.
9. Drinking chamomile tea will help your body relax and eating a banana will induce the brain to create serotonin which can help you sleep.
10. Taking supplements with melatonin will help you sleep better.
11. Tire your body out before bedtime.
12. Getting a massage, meditating, and listening to soothing music will help you doze off.
13. Instead of counting sheep, count your blessings.
14. Offer all your worries to God.

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