He Did What? This Police Officer Saved A Suicidal Man Who Jumped Off A Building!

Working as a police officer isn’t the most glamorous of professions. Sadly, there is a current stigma about cops nowadays. Many people, especially poor people in the Philippines and African-Americans in the US, are afraid of cops and would think twice before approaching them. This is due to the state-sponsored violence being perpetrated by certain members of the police force. It is important to note that not all cops are cruel.
Case in point, this police officer from China who is an excellent role model for all people, cops and civilians alike. Police officer Liang Xiao was on the scene when a 32-year-old man decided to take his own life. On top of the scaffolds of a 4-story building that was under construction, the suicidal man got ready to take a fatal leap.

The Officer Xiao was below the building and tried his best to talk the man down. Unfortunately, his pleas fell on deaf ears and the man eventually jumped.

The suicidal man’s leap of faith became quite messy as he got tangled up in the bamboo scaffolding before plummeting to the ground.
What did the police officer do? Officer Xiao caught the man! To save the suicidal man, Officer Xiao used his own body to cushion the fall! The two were left in a state of shock, but who could blame them? One thing’s for sure, though, Officer Xiao is no ordinary cop. He’s a bonafide hero.

The two were brought to the nearest hospital for medical attention but it looks like they will be fine because they were declared “out of danger.” Hopefully, the experience will make the suicidal man think about his actions in the future.
Watch the full video of the thrilling encounter right here:

Netizens are loving this heroic cop. They are saying that they believe he was a real-life guardian angel and that he deserves to be commended for what he did.
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Source: Wereblog