Remember Barbie Hsu From Meteor Garden? She’s is Now A Super Mom!

Back in the early 2000’s, the Philippines was riding the Taiwan craze with the very popular Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden starring actress Barbie Hsu and the boy band F4 (JVKV) with Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu, and Vanness Wu.
This was way before the South Korean fad came to our shores.

(via – instagram.com/barbie.hsu/)
Meteor Garden was based on the Japanese shōjo (meaning marketed towards young females) manga series “Boys Over Flowers” and was a hit in the Philippines and all over Asia.
It’s popularity spawned sequels produced from different Asian countries like Meteor Garden II; the Japanese version called “Hana Yori Dango” and “Hana Yori Dango Returns”; and the South Korean version simply called “Boys Over Flowers”.
In 2003, Barbie Hsu along with her JVKV co-stars became immensely popular in the Philippines with the premiere of Meteor Garden in the country. Barbie was the lead actress who played the role of Shan Cai.

Shan Cai was a simple high school girl whose life changed when she met the handsome, popular and rich group of boys called F4.

(via – instagram.com/barbie.hsu/)
14 years after the series’ first premiered in the Philippines and fans are still following the stars they first watched in Meteor Garden.

Barbie for one still has a strong following in the country. She has been semi-retired after being married to Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei back in 2010, with no work released since 2012.
Today, Barbie is mostly a stay at home wife and mother who takes care of her two beautiful children. As can be seen in her official Instagram account, she’s playing the role of devoted mother quite well. And of course it doesn’t look like she’s aged any since her days with her JVKV co-stars.
Check out her family photos here!
(Photos via instagram.com/barbie.hsu/)

What can you say about Barbie Hsu ‘s new life as a stay at home mom? Were you a huge fan of Meteor Garden back in the day?
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