Rescue Attempt in India Ended with a Poor Tiger Being Crushed to Death

A rescue attempt in Jim Corbett National Park in Northern India created a buzz not only on social media but even offline as activists were left protesting over the death of a Bengal tiger.

The rescue attempt was meant to capture the wild Bengal tiger who had attacked a group of laborers working at a stone quarry. According to Indian Express, the attack has led to the death of one man and one woman. The Bengal tiger was supposed to be captured and moved away from the park, however, things took a quick turn.

Upon finding the wild animal, it was shot with a tranquilizer gun. The rangers attempted to lift it up to move it using a JCB digger. Unfortunately, due to the chaos, panic was stirred up leading to the accidental crushing of the tiger. The digger shockingly slammed the tiger’s body down and crushed it.

The tiger soon died after the incident. However, officials claim that an infection and asphyxiation caused the death of the tiger.

For the part of the activists, many doubted the claims of the wildlife officials speculating that it died from the seemingly catastrophic injuries it suffered from the attempted capture.

“This incident has brought humanity to shame,” said one animal rights activist.

Sarosh Lodhi told Times of India, “We have received more videos from the incident last night by animal rights activists and it was shocking to see a mob of 200 people witnessing a national animal being tortured and harassed by Jim Corbett officials.”

According to IFLSCIENCE, the majestic species is now considered endangered base on the IUCN Red List. Right now, there are only around 1,500 left in India.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

Source: IFLS