Scientists Have Confirmed That Couples in a Happy Relationship Gain More Weight! Read Here!

Love is an unexplainable feeling which brings people together. From artists to writers, many people have done their best to accurately describe how love works its magic on us.

Love brings out the happiness we have and lets us share it with the world! Often times the world lies in a single cherished person that special kind of person that brings out the good in us.

According to scientific research, there is a sure way to find out just how in love and happy a couple is.

How? Check their weight!

Researchers say that people in relationships, who are very satisfied, tend to gain more weight together. People tend to lose weight when they’ve split from their significant others.

The reason for this change in body shape is because people who are in a happy relationship don’t feel the need to impress their partners or look for other potential mates. Being in a relationship is a confidence booster.

Contrary to this fact, many people in an unhappy relationship tend to be slimmer due to stress or the possibility that they may attract a more suitable partner in the future.

Researchers have since warned joyful couples about the common dangers of extra weight gain. Being overweight often leads to obesity, which can lead to various health complications such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Remember couples: exercise is just as important as your weekly dates and the little things that keep the spark of your love alive. Perhaps working out together as a couple might bring you closer together!

Make it a habit!

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Source: Elitenewsfeed