Sexy 19-Year-Old Contestant Performs Seductive Dance That Makes The Judges Speechless!

The ‘Romania’s Got Talent’ judges were left absolutely speechless when a dancer exhibited one of the most provocative performances ever.

20-year-old Antonina Goloseeva wowed the audience and the judges with her alluring dance moves.

In the report by the Daily Mail UK, the dancers claimed her style was inspired by her dance trainers as a young girl in Ukraine and Russia.

“I always had beautiful trainers, I liked that they looked really good and radiated power,” Antonina said.

“The contrast between femininity and strength fascinated me and I wanted to be like them,” She added.

Many consider her dance style as close to stripper dancing but Antonina is trying to convince people that her strip plastic dance is simply unique.

“I fight these stereotypes,” she said. “’I will never perform in clubs. I only perform on stage and do not want to be associated with strip club dances.”

The dancer even explains the difference between her style and strippers.

“In strip plastic it is forbidden to undress or to touch the erogenous zones and competitors receive disqualification for such movements,” she stated.

“Another principle is that the competitions never create discomfort for competitors. And I never associate myself with a dubious teachers,” she added.

The beautiful Antonina’s dance routine was given four yes votes which sent her to the next round.

Was anyone really surprised at this outcome?

Watch her stunning and seductive dance routine here!

Grabe, girl!

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