SHOCKING! Vietnamese Girl Hired Hitmen to Kill Her Parents Because of Being ‘Too Strict’!

Unlike the western style of parenting, wherein parents are more relaxed and loose, Asian parents are typically strict and controlling. They tend to push their children towards achieving educational success.

The same story goes for 28-year-old Jennifer Pan, who was pushed too hard by her parents, sending her over the edge.

She was an over-achiever as a child, always getting straight A’s in class until the 8th grade. When she reached high school, she started getting B’s and B minuses and her father was definitely not pleased.

Due to parental pressure, she started faking her report cards with a string of A’s. Her father then wanted her to study at the University of Toronto, so she faked her enrolment. She then started taking trips to the public library to copy notes on physics and chemistry in order to make her lies more convincing. She was even able to fake her graduation.

But when her father made her choose between her boyfriend Daniel and her family, Jennifer reached her limit. She chose her family but fell into a deep depression and attempted to kill herself but failed.

She then started to plot for her parents’ murder. She and Daniel hired hitmen to make her parents look like they were victimized by a home invasion.

On November 8, her mother was killed and her father was severely injured. Two weeks later, out of guilt, she eventually admitted to be behind the murder plot. She was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment without parole.

Source: Worldofbuzz