Simon Was Skeptical of This 12-Year-Old’s Song Choice but When She Started Singing, He Was Blown Away!

Talent searches are usually unpredictable. However, if there was one thing that is certain in Britain’s Got Talent, it sure is Simon Cowell being a tough nut to crack.

Simon is not easy to impress, so seeing this jury being blown away may be one of the most satisfying portions of the whole show.

When 12-year-old Maia Gough entered the stage, the jury saw her as a sweet young girl. So when the young girl announced that she would be singing a song by Whitney Houston, everyone was skeptical. Simon’s impassive face showed that he didn’t believe she could pull it off.

But right off the bat, this young singer showed that she is one force to be reckoned with.

As the song took off, everyone including Simon, were left gaping. The people in the crowd did not hold back as they cheered for her performance.

And the jury all looked proud. Even Simon couldn’t help but smile as he watched Maia belt out the song.

At the end of her performance, everyone was on their feet with a standing ovation. Just wow, right?

Check out her performance below and share your thoughts with us! Are you just as impressed as everyone

Source: Newsner