How About The Soldiers? Erwin Tulfo Rants About CHR Chairman Gascon!

War and violence are polarizing issues. This is nowhere more apparent than in the war-torn city of Marawi. Many people have posed the questions, what’s the right plan? Was the right thing done? Is it being handled the way it should be handled?
The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) thinks that the Philippine military’s bombings on Marawi City should be halted to prevent further civilian casualties. Ever the opinionated journalist, Erwin Tulfo had some choice words for them.

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The fight against the Maute Group is not yet over and blood is being spilled all across Marawi. Whether it’s the rebels, our troops, or innocent civilians, no one is safe within the warzone. This indiscriminate loss of life is something that the CHR wants to end but Erwin Tulfo was having none of it.

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In his radio show, Erwin Tulfo verbally attacked CHR Chairman Chito Gascon as he posed these questions:
How about the 23 soldiers who died? How about the priests and the church workers who were killed? Do they not have rights?

Tulfo also said that the Maute group use snipers who are picking off our troops, claiming that it is substantive proof that the bombings should continue. Afterwards, Tulfo cursed them out, even calling the members of the CHR “sons of b*tches” and saying that they do nothing but yap and yap.

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He added that the only reason why Gascon has the confidence to say such things is that he is backed up by Senators Trillanes and Hontiveros.

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Source: YouTube, Pinoy Thinking