This is How South Koreans Reacted When This Car Accident Happened in One Of Their Tunnels! WATCH HERE!

Recently, a video went viral across social media showing how motorists reacted when an accident occured in a tunnel in South Korea.

Road accidents are very common in most countries. In fact, these accidents kill more people than cancer over the course of time. In most cases though, other motorists look at these incidents as huge burdens as it causes traffic and delays. This is the exact reason why this particular video went viral as the citizens reacted rather differently from the usual scenario.

It started with the usual traffic scene. Moments after, motorists started to get out of their vehicles and were told that a vehicle in front got into an accident. Instead of complaining or blaming each other, they started to help the victim. Some were even seen fetching some stuff that can be of help from their cars. They also called an ambulance and started giving way so the victim can receive help as soon as possible. They all moved their cars aside and even guided the ambulance as it entered the tunnel.

The video was posted by Facebook page Pinoy Rap Radio and has been viewed 62 million times already. It also garnered 629 thousand reaction and over 1 million shares! Netizens noted how it is quite different in their countries and wished that their countrymen could develop such hospitality. One commented: “Here in the philippines if there is an accident, all people bring out their cellphones and take a video of what’s happening. Yeah Philippines let’s go!!

Another one said: “in malaysia, when accident happen, some of our very f*cking stupid driver will use emergency lane for ambulance to avoid traffic jam.”

A Indonesian citizen also commented saying: “Especially Indonesia, they take their phones, camera or video on, post in social media, or just come closer to see what is happening and do nothing. We call it KEPO (Knowing Every Partical [sic] Object) Welcome to Indonesia! We care a lot.”

A certain citizen noted how South Korea and Japan are great examples when it comes to discipline and responsibility and said: “South Korea and Japan are best examples of citizen’s being at their responsible best. It’s so much better when people do their bit without putting everything on the government.”

Source: Facebook