Take a Peek at What’s Inside the Philippines’ Newly-Built Mega Drug Rehab Center in Nueva Ecija!

On November 29, Tuesday, the newly-built rehabilitation center in Nueva Ecija was inaugurated.

The rehabilitation center in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija was said to be a donation from Chinese philanthropist and business magnate Huang Rulun who personally came to the President’s office to extend his assistance, according to reports. The center is designed to house up to 10,000 drug patients.

Additionally, reports also say that the businessman donated an overwhelming amount of up to P1.4 Billion for the creation of two rehab centers expected to be built on Duterte’s term.

The rehab center was personally inspected by Rulun and President Duterte. Photos have been shared by various sources to give the public an idea of what the center looks like.

The government is also hoping that the center can help cure thousands of patients per year and hopefully lessen the millions of Filipinos with drug problems.

Source: Twitter