Top 10 Clues To Find Out if Your Partner Just Doesn’t Love You Anymore!

A person can change his/her mind about the people they love – it happens quite often, really. Many people are afraid of the possibility of their significant others losing their love for them. This kind of worry often leads to many unhealthy emotions like jealousy or spite.

This article is for people who are starting to see the cracks in their relationships. Perhaps they might find certain unexplainable changes on their partner’s attitude or mannerism, or perhaps they just think that something is really off.

Of course, we highly recommend that you just talk to your partner first and not to jump to any conclusions.

However, if talking doesn’t work, then look up these 10 signs that he/she may not be into you anymore.

1. Your partner no longer shows affection like they used to do.
The first real sign that something is off is when your partner isn’t as affectionate as he/she used to be.

2. Your partner always has something else in mind, as if they’re distracted all the time.
Whenever you’re on a date or just chilling at home, do ever feel like your partner is just sort of tolerating you? Does it feel like they’re more concerned about something on their mind? If it seems like that then you should start talking to your partner.

3. No one talks about anything.
Being quiet with your significant other isn’t all that bad. Sometimes you two are just happy to be in the presence of each other. However, whenever you start a topic of conversation, does he/she just brush you off or they just don’t listen?

4. Your partner always blames you for every failure.
This is a red flag already. Once you start to notice your partner get nit-picky over the small issues then that could mean your partner has very little tolerance for you.

5. Your partner is unsupportive
If your partner is unsupportive of what you want to do and you manage to annoy him/her every time you talk, then that’s a red flag.

6. They always have an excuse not to be home or over at your house.
It’s a classic way to avoid being with loved ones – they’ll always be busy over something. Drinking with friends, overtime at work, conferences in far places, etc.

7. You’re no longer a part of their plans.
It’s a great adventure when you share your life with someone special – a partner in crime so to say. But when their lives continue to be exciting while you’re excluded from their experiences, then maybe it’s time to talk with them.

8. Your partner is disrespectful towards you.
This is another clear red flag that your partner no longer cares for you. Once they lose their respect for you then that means you mean very little to them. You’ll be fighting most of the time, and they’ll start looking down on you.

9. They won’t give you any explanation for their behavior.
When your partner truly doesn’t bother to explain his behavior anymore then that’s a sure sign he/she doesn’t want to be around you anymore.

10. You begin to hate (or hurt) yourself.
Sometimes you’ll be fooled or convinced that it’s actually you with the problem. A relationship is a two-way street and sometimes we can be blind to our own misgivings. But when you’re sure you’ve done nothing to offend or belittle your significant other, and they continue to abuse you verbally or even physically, then maybe it’s time to leave them.

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Source: readanddigest