Two Chinese Men Were Arrested After Their Sexual Assault ‘Wedding Prank’ Video Became Viral

Two Chinese men have been arrested for sexually assaulting a bridesmaid. Evidence of their grave misconduct was featured in a video of their backseat “wedding prank” that trended all over Chinese social media.
Unfortunately this has become a common trend in China. This is especially true among the younger generation of couples whose friends think of lewd and inappropriate wedding pranks or games aimed at Chinese brides or bridesmaids. Too frequently, these games devolve into acts featuring verbal and sexual assault.

The outrageous video became the most widely-shared video on Chinese social media site Weibo last week.

In the video, the two suspects were sitting at the back of a car, chuckling and laughing as they grope a young woman. She was complaining and attempting to fight off the two men while they attempted to grab her bosom and tried to forcibly remove her underwear.
Chinese netizens were naturally shocked and disgusted with the actions of the two men.

According to People’s Daily Online, the incident occurred in the Chang’an district of Xi’an, in the Shaanxi Province on June 3. The video was uploaded online 5 days later.
On June 10, the two Chinese men were arrested by the Xi’an Police. According to the Xi’an Police Bureau, the two were identified as 21-year-old best man named Hu, and 19-year-old groomsman named Chen.

However a twist in the story reveals that the unidentified bridesmaid was actually friends with these two men – and has decided not to press charges against them, according to a report by China Business News.

This revelation horrified Chinese netizens who strongly believed that how she was treated was inexcusable.
Currently the suspects are being interrogated and detained by the authorities. Solicitor Gao Jin told Huashang Business Post that both suspects could still be charged with counts of aggravated indecent assault.
Lawyers told China Business News, that the pair could be jailed for 5 years because of the wedding prank that they uploaded.
Both Hu and Chen claim to supposedly be suffering from stress because they believed they had embarrassed the couple.

Watch the viral video below:
WARNING: The following video contains scenes which may be inappropriate for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

These Chinese netizens had this to say:
“This is not a prank for a wedding. This is a serious crime!”
“The one who took the film is also an accomplice. Does he think he could get away with it?”
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SOURCE: Dailymail, Shanghaiist