UNBELIEVABLE: This OFW Was Abused By Her Employer Who Kissed Her on the Neck and Showed Her His Manhood!

One of the hardest things that an OFW has to face are racial discrimination and abuse at the hands of his or her employer. Horror stories of OFWs being treated horribly by their foreign bosses run rampant on social media. Many of these abuse cases occur in Saudi Arabia.
This particular case features an OFW who was s*xually assaulted by her employer. She appeared on a radio segment that was uploaded by the official YouTube account of Ben Tulfo’s radio program, Ben Tulfo Unfiltered, under the account name BITAG OFFICIAL.

According to them, a female OFW from Saudi Arabia appealed to their program for help after she was s*xually assaulted by her employer. Ben Tulfo said:
“(Siya ay) nagpapasaklolo mula sa kanyang manyakis na amo niyang Arabo!”

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Tulfo narrated:
“Hinahalikan daw siya sa leeg at pinapakitaan pa ng ari!”
His co-hosts couldn’t help but exclaim: “Loko-loko!” Tulfo then continued by saying that the poor OFW was being starved by her employers.

“Pinagbabantahan pa siyang gahasain,” one of the co-hosts added. The agency who recruited the OFW in the first place also seem unconcerned about her plight, according to the OFW herself.

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Tulfo interviewed the OFW’s mother, Magdalena, who was in tears when she came into the show. He greeted her and said: “Ma’am, kamusta na po kayo?”

“Huling kausap ho ninyo ay ‘yung anak,” Tulfo continued. Her mother confirmed this and replied: “Humihingi po siya ng saklolo sa akin… itong linggo lang na ito.”
The video was uploaded on June 1, 2017, which meant that the OFW asked for help two weeks ago as of this writing. Her mother narrated that her daughter wanted badly to go back to the Philippines. She also confirmed that her daughter was indeed being s*xually assaulted by her employer.
“Hinahalikan raw po siya, tapos gusto siyang pagsamantahalan. Eh ngayon, nagka-trauma na ‘yung anak ko.”

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Tulfo narrated that the agency went to the place where the OFW was working and, according to them, they only found a female employer. The one who supposedly assaulted the OFW was not around.
How did Tulfo help her? Watch the whole video below to find out!

Do you also know of any OFWs who have more or less experienced the same horrible fate? How did they deal with it? Share their stories in the comments section below!