UNBELIEVABLE! Vicki Belo Gets Slammed by the Netizens for Blaming the Duterte Administration on the State of the Zebras and Giraffes in Palawan!

Dr. Vicki Belo, the so-called “Doctor of the Stars,” has become known for her breakthroughs in cosmetic dermatology and for founding the Belo Medical Group, which is considered the first accredited ambulatory cosmetic surgicenter in the Philippines.

However, the doctor was placed under fire for posting a picture on her Instagram account that featured zebras and giraffes at the Calauit Safari Park in Busuanga, Palawan.

Philippine Entertainment Portal reported that Vicki blamed the Duterte administration for the zebra and giraffe’s supposedly malnourished state.

According to her caption, “Can you believe that this is in the #philippines? These animals were donated to us during Marcos regime and have lovingly cared for until P-Noy administration.”

“Unfortunately, since the Duterte administration came in, they have been forgotten and have not received any feeds for a month now.”

“Please help save these beautiful #zebras and #giraffes.”

This immediately angered some netizens, who cited that her point was illogical and irrational. Facebook fan page ‘Crabbler’ stated: “Hiyang hiya naman ang mga AGILA sa’yo Doc.”

Another netizen, Lucia Argallon Mascara, found it funny and said: “ayayay.. pati pagpapakain sa zebra kay Duterte isisi?” with three laughing-with-tears emoji.

Following the comments, the doctor removed the said Instagram post due to the hate that she has received because of it. Instead, she posted this picture as a replacement:

It had a different caption that said: “So excited to watch this years episodes of #belobeauty101 So many new and exciting procedures plus exotic locations like this one in #palawan . Hosted by @cristallebelo .”

Meanwhile, there were other users who were able to capture a screenshot of her post and continued to spite her with their comments:

Former sexy star Rosanna “Osang” Roces even slammed the doctor herself in Facebook. She said: “Ikaw na bumili ng feeds mayaman ka naman eh!!! Ako nagpayaman sa ‘yo, remember?”

What do you think about Dr. Vicki’s comments on the state of the zebras and giraffes? Do you find it relevant to the current administration?

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Source: Newsinfolearn