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If you ever feel like you’ve run out of chances in the game of love, then this story is for you.

Aminah Hart, a woman from Australia, was very desperate to have a baby. Her life was fraught with loss.

Her first son, Marlon, died 4 months after he was born. Aminah tried again and gave birth to Louis. Unfortunately, he died when he turned 14 months.

Aminah was told by doctors that her genes were causing the complications and that there will always be a 25 % chance of a disorder, especially if the baby is male. Her babies, Marlon and Louis, had a rare muscle disorder which can be inherited through the X chromosome.

Her relationships were affected, which left her all alone while going through the unimaginable pain of a mother’s loss.

She was traumatized but continued to long for a child. Until one day, she decided to give it one last chance and went to a sperm bank. She got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Leila. Aminah was elated.

In 2013, her mother urged her to look for the sperm donor. Fortunately, this particular donor, Scott Andersen, agrees to meet up with mothers who received his sperm.

Aminah then emailed Scott and they eventually met. Then, the sweetest thing happened! They actually enjoyed each other’s company, which urged them to meet regularly and become good friends. Eventually, they even fell in love with each other!

Aminah and Scott are now engaged and are focused on raising Leila together.

Source: Newsner