Veteran Journalist Raissa Robles Apologizes To Kitty Duterte About Pro-Duterte Rally Post On Her Facebook Fan Page

Raissa Robles, an award-winning veteran journalist, apologized to President Duterte’s daughter, Veronica “Kitty” Duterte, after being tagged in a post about the pro-Duterte rally on her Facebook fan page.

“It is the very same day that those opposed to the burial of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos are set to stage a rally at the People Power Monument in the late afternoon.” Robles said.

“It intrigued me because the call to join the counter-rally came from no less than Veronica ‘Kitty’ Duterte, the youngest daughter of President Duterte. Kitty posted on her Facebook public page ‘Makakapunta po ba kayo dito?’ (Can you come to the rally?)” Robles added.

She said that Kitty is too young to be involved in such controversial political activities and that she shouldn’t be used by anyone as a public figurehead because it might bring her trouble.

“From what I recall of my history, no other minor child of a Philippine president since 1946 was ever this politically involved after the parent’s assumption to the presidency. Sure, Kris Aquino campaigned for her mother Corazon. But after Cory became president, Kris did not involve herself directly with politics. Rather, she involved herself with showbiz and – as I recall at that time – with her schooling and budding romance with actor Robin Padilla,” she added.

“I find nothing wrong, however, with a young girl expressing her political opinions. Just like the students at St. Scholastica did by rallying against the burial of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Having ascertained that this is a Fan Page for Kitty, I am even more disturbed that the Admins of this page are using it as if she is the one posting’ As if she had something to do with it. The danger is that unscrupulous persons may use Kitty, the president’s daughter, for their political and financial ends since it is quite clear that Kitty has the president’s ear.” Robles lamented.

“I remember, while watching Duterte’s miting de avance at Rizal Park, Kitty Duterte approaching her father onstage and whispering to him to mention someone or wind up his rambling speech. While the audience laughed and thought it very cute, I thought – as a political reporter – that this signaled to everyone present in Luneta that night or watching on TV that Kitty Duterte was a power broker.” Robles observed.

“It’s a big burden to put on the shoulders of a very young girl. In the end, it’s up to her mother, Honeylet and her father, the President, to decide whether to caution her or to urge her to continue what she is doing.” Robles said.

“Finally, I can’t help but ask this question – why is the Fan Page of Kitty Duterte the one calling out the troops and not the more known and more mature Duterte supporters?,” Robles asked.

Robles eventually apologized after finding out that Kitty Duterte’s fan page is being managed by her supporters and not by her personally.

Source: TahoNews