Viral Man Having S3x On A Plane Was Revealed To Be Cheating On His Pregnant Wife!

You might have recalled a wild couple on Ryanair doing their business during their flight from Miami on their way to Ibiza. In fact, one of the passengers sitting right beside them was able to film the entire thing. The story quickly went viral since most couples who decide to do their thing on a plane usually look for some privacy; this couple, however, didn’t mind other people seeing their wild romp.
To add insult to the injury, it turns out that the man, who has now been identified as 31-year-old Shaun Edmonson, is already engaged to a woman who is currently six months pregnant with his baby. Yikes!

According to Edmonson, who is a sous chef and owner of several posh restaurants, he has never met the woman in the video before he boarded the plane.

Most people really assumed that the couple on the Ryanair flight was just an intoxicated pair, however, an unknown source close to Edmonson confirmed that the girl is not his partner.
A friend of Edmonson told The Sun:

“He is known as a bit of a ladies’ man. That’s just a random woman he’s with, they didn’t know each other before the day.
“Shaun and Jenna are due to marry soon but that clearly won’t stop him.
“He doesn’t seem to be too bothered he has left his six-months pregnant wife-to-be at home while he cavorts with random strangers.
“I wouldn’t like to be him when she finds out.”
As it turns out, Edmonson’s soon-to-be-wife, 25-year-old Jenna Ross, saw the video and grilled her fiance when he returned from his trip.

all photos via The Sun
As of writing, there’s no news yet whether Edmonson and Ross’s wedding would push through.

What can you say? Do you think Ross should still marry Edmonson despite being pregnant with his child? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

SOURCE: The Sun, Men’s Health